'Bogey Hole' Mollymook


Jacqueline Wilkes

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From the isolated and timeless beauty of the descriptively named Bull Pup and Cat and Kitten beaches, to the magic world-renowned white beaches of Jervis Bay, and beyond to the Budawang Range, the Shoalhaven area is full of wonders! But it is the ‘Bogey Hole’ at Golf Course Reef, Mollymook, that epitomises the word wonder! The natural formation of the rocks form a semi-circle and frame a sandy bottomed pool that is protected from the swells of the ocean resulting in the water being calm and clear. This wonder of nature creates an unrivalled summer paradise, loved and frequented by the many that cannot escape it’s spell. The water is Idyllic for swimming for young and old alike, and the many nooks and crannies around the rocks provide excellent homes for the underwater creatures thus creating an ideal place for snorkelling; the rocks are also perfect for rambling over or diving off, and the protected beach is a sun lovers heaven. And it is here that our yearly summertime ritual takes place: the day starts with checking the tide and the wind. If both align the beach bags, with goggles, snorkels, swimmers and sunscreen are quickly packed. The umbrella and the beach chairs are thrown in the car with the towels, a picnic is prepared including the thermos of coffee, and lastly a crossword or a good book. The rest of the day is dedicated to swimming and sunning, chatting, reading and relaxing. There is no better place in the Shoalhaven that encompasses the quintessential spirit of summer. It is a place where dreams are realised, and where the wonder of the world, and all that exists, becomes apparent. After 23 years of this ritual I am still amazed at the wonder I feel every time I go to the ‘Bogey Hole’ otherwise known in our family as the ‘Dali Pool’ but thats another story…..

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